Apply These 5 Steps to Obtain Your Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Now

In a technical field, a certification greatly differentiates you from your peers. The realm that is now popular in IT is Cloud computing. So, if your skills can help the businesses enjoy scalability, affordability, and flexibility, then you are on the right track. This post summarizes the steps you need to take to get the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential. We will also be taking a look at the role of practice tests in earning this badge. So, let’s dive into the details!

Obtain Your Certification in 5 Steps

Before sitting for the test associated with this badge, you need to know that practical knowledge is highly recommended. You need to have experience in using the relevant products as well as services for AWS. To get the credential, there are several steps that you need to follow. They will guide you until you understand how to design Cloud applications and pass the related certification exam.

  1. Learn the details of the certification exam

The exam that you need to take is SAA‑C02, which covers four domains that you need to master. They include the design of secure applications and architectures, resilient architectures, cost-optimized architectures, as well as high-performing architectures. The test will have about 65 multiple-choice questions and you will need to get 720 points out of 1000 within 130 minutes to succeed. The exam voucher costs $150 and the exam is available in Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, and Japanese.

  1. Explore certification learning paths

Knowing how to prepare for the certification test is vital. There are various paths that you can use for learning. They include the official training courses, exam dumps, study guides, hands-on labs, practice tests, and video tutorials.

  1. Get more information through whitepapers

Whitepapers, which are availed for this Amazon credential, help broaden your understanding of the exam topics. The papers have been developed by the analysts, AWS team members, as well as partners.

  1. Take the official practice test

There is the official practice test that you can take to know if you are prepared for the actual exam. This prep tool takes you through the aspects of the actual test, including how to interpret questions and allocate time for your studies. It includes classroom training, free webinars, and free digital-based training.

  1. Take third-party practice tests

Testing yourself is one of the best ways to pass the exam and earn the certificate. Practice tests include sample questions that cover each of five exam domains. They help you know how the concepts and questions are interpreted. You can find them along with exam dumps on different platforms that offer study materials. Practice tests are also your best assistants if you want to know how to use the time given for the exam. In the end, testing yourself in the course of your studies as well as just before the real test will help you focus your mind on what is ahead of you. This will increase your chances of achieving the passing score.


Obtaining the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is one of the best career choices you can make. If you estimate the direction your career takes, then you will place value on the kind of credential you earn. Take this opportunity offered by Amazon to grow your skills and become a successful IT professional!

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